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Posted on Sat, 24 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

A quiet week here but I did finish my 70s light box side table with more of my vintage bus roll fabric. Still have to hang artwork, make the roman blinds for the window and put the finishing touches to my “cupboard office”. Almost there. Wish I had more time. Maybe I should blog less or quit my job? If only!

ZZ says:

Holy cow woman!!!! That is so cool!

kim. says:

WOW Jo – that table looks incredible! You rock!!! (And if you quit your job, I’ll quit mine!)

NICE! i Have a couple of those UK pillows and am so in love with them….. 🙂 nice picture thanks for sharing!

Anonymous says:

I want some of that fabric but can never find any.

Peggy says:

Jo, that light box is friggin’ gorgeous! Tutorial please! I also love that lamp, do you know who makes it? The coffee server totally rocks too. What a wonderful corner!

That’s the problem isn’t it? The cuter we make our places, the harder it gets to leave. I wanna quit my job too.

Peggy the light is a terrazzo base and shade I got from a store here and isn’t a name lamp as such. Wish I’d taken photos when I made the table. Sew a 4 piece sleeve. Slip it over and staple. Trim. That’s it. The best thing was finding the light box a couple of years ago. I guess a plywood frame with corner reinforcing at the base, a thin ledge at the top to hold the acrylic and a small cross frame to hold the internal light is the best I can describe it. A little wadding as padding before upholstering and you’re done.

I am also very impressed with Jo’s work. Good on you!

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