Domino reader’s choice and a shameless plug for Victoria

Posted on Thu, 29 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

The Domino reader’s home decorating contest had us all in a buzz. The winner has been announced and I’d thought the excitement was over for another year. But wait!! There’s more. Domino have just announced a reader’s choice award. Just pick your favourite among the runners-up. Of course we are gunning for Victoria and her oh so fabulous boho modern apartment in San Francisco. So start voting. You have between November 29th and December 14th. To see more of Victoria’s amazing home as recently feature in Real Living click here.

yes, victoria is fabulous!

hey you guys! thanks so much!! i’d like to win the prize and have one big dinner party for all of us!

Patrick says:

Get real!!
You shouldn’t plug votes just because you know the person who submitted the entry… stop the self-serving, political favoritisms!
One should vote based on esthetic beauty and appeal, not popularity or to shamelessly and blatantly promote a fellow blogger — ie Joy and Victoria, who are I bet are both nice people, but… really? Blog crusading?! Sheesh. Cut the hoopla!! “Rub my back and I’ll rub yours??…”
I see the voting can be swayed as Domino’s system allows more than one vote. Be fair y’all!
Personally, I think Maggie and Maria (God knows who they are) are both equally deserving of the prize as their rooms are fabulous. And no swaying or campaigning or advertising or publicity stunts from me.

Thank you Patrick for your comment and thank you for leaving a name and not an anonymous comment. I understand your views but do not agree with them. This is our blog and we can say and print what we want. AND you can disagree. We have honestly titled this post a “shameless plug” which it is. We consider Victoria a blogging friend but more importantly we have always admired her style and her recycled, thrifted, repurposed call it what you will style. I have backed up my views by voting for her and god if there was a chance to vote again I’d do it. This is a reader’s choice and as such will always be biased. I know that there are many people who will vote for others and good on them! Now that we have both had our say let’s leave it to the others to vote and decide. Thanks again for your view.

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