Mikkel Vang

Posted on Thu, 29 Nov 2007 by KiM

Mikkel Vang is a photographer who takes such stunning photos that they speak volumes. Like the first photo above. It’s telling me to go out and find the cutest pink bed I can find. The one below it is so pretty, it’s saying that draping a feather boa over something adds instant glam and girliness.

beth says:

Thanks so much for the beautiful images. I hope you don’t mind but, once again, I’ve appropriated a few for my own blog.

catherine says:

i LOVE these pictures! and i LOVE the spaces they present. the bedrooms–have any info on those? i love them (except the second to last one..don’t hate it–just LOVE the others.)

while i’m at it–i LOVE ya’lls blog. seriously obsessed. thanks for all of it!!

kim. says:

Thanks beth (appropriate to your hearts content) and catherine!

Jane says:

I want to live in that first place.

Oh my. It’s perfect.

Great portfolio! I’m continually amazed at the fabulous photographic talent out there. And of couurse I’m a sucker for the boho modern look.

Cher Ami says:

that bathroom is my favorite, it has so much character!

Kh says:

Some of Mikkel’s photography is now available as fine art prints at http://www.mikkelvangart.com/

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