Pedal to the metal

Posted on Sat, 1 Dec 2007 by midcenturyjo

The sewing machine is out and my foot is pressed to the pedal. My name is Jo and I’m an ebay addict. Fabric is my weakness. I can’t stop myself. The Ralph Lauren blue and tan fabric is heavy and beautiful to the touch. The green fretwork pattern is for the backs of cushions. The red asian fabric is gorgeous in real life. I’m going to make a full width bolster for my bed with it and perhaps trim a roman blind. The black and white print is much lighter, more drapery than upholstery. I had been thinking bedroom but I’m not sure how it goes with the red fabric. Perhaps the office as a feminine touch to all the geometrics going on or the kitchen window? Over 9 yards for $43.80 USD. Bargain! One cushion down lots more sewing to go.

Nathalie says:

Oh Jo, i share your love for fabrics but i can’t sew and don’t have a sew machine … sounds like you re going to have a fun weekend ..have fun !

Thank god for going to a catholic school. The nuns taught me to sew, be my own woman and lots of math and science. At least I’m still using the sewing skills 🙂

siobhan says:

I’m quite jealous of your sewing skills Jo. And I love the RL fabric. Just. gorgeous.

kim. says:

I wish I knew how to sew too. Your addiction has rubbed off on me Jo and I keep buying fabrics, in the hopes my mother will agree to be my seamstress. She did get a brand new sewing machine last year and I don’t recall her ever using it. I’ll even get her to teach me. LOVE the RL fabric. LOVE.

Anonymous says:

I went through a similar ebay addiction last winter, there are some really good deals, intending to finally learn to use my sewing machine, and to get my chair upholstered, and so on, but now I just have several tubs of fabric waiting for attention when I get done painting. That Ralph Lauren indigo is lovely.

melissa says:

oh man, i have the same problem. i even won’t throw out worn out clothing if i like the fabric. i have so many pillows made of old shirts!

Jen says:

I love your sewing machine! Have fun sewing this weekend.

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