Posted on Sun, 2 Dec 2007 by KiM

I wanted to put up this quick post to thank Jo for being the best blog partner a girl could ask for, and to all of our faithful readers for your comments and support. We have posted just over 1000 posts since the creation of this blog in January. Happy 1000 posts Jo. It’s been a blast. I hope the next 1000 will be as much fun. Thanks everyone for stopping by.

Anonymous says:

congratulations! I enjoy my daily visits to your wonderful blog : )

Jessie says:

wow! I think I just hit 100! lol Good jobs guys! Especially since you have all the stress of everyday life, and you are still about to keep up with the blog daily. GOOD JOB!

Nathalie says:

congrats Jo & Ki !! and thanks for all the delightful posts you give us each day , keep them coming 🙂 they are the highlight of my lunch break 🙂

Sol says:

Thanks girls!!! I can’t get enough of your posts! Congrats!!!!

kim. says:

Thanks everybody! It’s been alot of work (and Jo and I could REALLY use a holiday) but it’s been worth it.

bk says:

Happy 1,000 birtthday. You’ve created a great blog — and it’s definitely inspiring, even to this jaded New Yorker. I’ve got a desktop folder that’s chockablock full of ideas. Thanks to you both. And many happy returns of the day.

Congratulations! I immensely enjoy going through your posts and I’ve added you on my links.

leelu and piggy (amy) says:

congratulations! i have enjoyed visiting your blog on a regular basis… please don’t stop! keep up the great work, it’s inspirational!

ardas says:

Congrats from Poland 🙂 I dont like blogs but this oone is SOOOOO inspirational

kim. says:

Thanks to the rest of you who left comments, from NY to Poland :). We just wanted to inspire people with beautiful photos, and we’re so delighted to hear we’re doing a decent job of it.

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