Jonny Valiant

Posted on Mon, 3 Dec 2007 by KiM

Jonny Valiant is a photographer from Australia with an incredibly keen eye for creating beautiful photos. “Jonny indulges his 15-year passion for precision still-life photography and his love of interiors with a healthy voyeuristic obsession with exactly why people put the things in their houses that they do.” He’s contributed to magazines such as Australian Vogue, Vogue Living, Architectural Digest, Inside Out, Home Beautiful and InStyle. I love the eclectic style of the first group of photos, and how he has captured the mystery and personality of these spaces.

Oh this guy is one of my all time favourite photographers. I have so many of his photos torn from Vogue Living Australia. Beautiful work.

I have the Vogue Living Australia that he shot the first 5 or so photos here – Its one of my favorite articles 🙂

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