Retro hotel

Posted on Sun, 9 Dec 2007 by KiM

Joanne emailed us a photo with an interesting story behind it that I wanted to share:

“We are working on an enormous photography project for my in-laws. Going through literally 60 years of snapshots and slides to make a photo album. Anyway, I unearthed the attached, which was taken on a trip they had made to – I think – Florida. Must have been in the early sixties, is my guess. Anyway, they stayed in this hotel and must have taken a picture of the room before they really lounged in it. I thought it might go with your next ‘retro’ series. Check out the serious shag carpet – and the artwork is actually fantastic!”

I love the fact the photo originates from the sixties, and thought it was worthy of it’s own post. It’s amazing how “current” the decor is. The sixties are back baby! Thanks Joanne, and good luck on the photography project!

I could move straight in! That chair is fabulous as is the dresser. The print is just great too. Thanks Joanne.

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