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Posted on Tue, 11 Dec 2007 by midcenturyjo

Travelling home from work today I noticed the roads were quieter. That time of the year when those that can flee the city for the summer holidays. A great Australian tradition is to escape to the beach but I’m just as much at home fleeing to the cooler hills or down to the calm lakes and rivers.

Drew Heath has designed two simple hideaways I dream of owning. I love the spartan quality of the cabin in the bush but I’m drawn to the simple lines of the house boat as well. Luxury in life isn’t counted in the number of rooms and the most expensive finishes. Luxury is having an escape from the cares of the world to enjoy the simple pleasures with your friends. Drew has a passion for low impact environmental buildings He is both architect and builder. He enjoys the intimacy of the hand built and the small scale. The website is spartan like his designs but to read more about the Zig Zag Cabin go here.

kim. says:

*DROOL*. WOW. What I would give to have a summer getaway that looked like either of those.

cat says:

These are just fabulous. Would it not be wonderful to dump all our crap and go minimal everything. I have so much stuff in my house I claim I cannot part with (for some unknown reason? maybe the money I spent on it?). But think how much easier life wld be having just that perfect, lovely house on the water or any where else! Thanks

thombeau says:

I absolutely LOVE these!

Cher Ami says:


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