Ilse Crawford

Posted on Thu, 13 Dec 2007 by KiM

Back in April, Jo blogged about the home of Ilse Crawford, the founding editor of Elle Decoration. We have occasionally posted photos from her website, but it’s full of so many more awesome photos of spaces she has designed that I figured it was about time to dedicate a post to her talent at interior design.

I love Ilse Crawford’s work as you know. Her product design particularly the 36-24-36 series is fabulous.

jo-anne in vancouver says:

The white bedroom with the clawfoot tub – that’s what dreams are made of. I stayed at a b&b once that had a tub beside the bed. It took very serious self-control not to barricade myself permanently in the room :o)

jaime says:

i like the legs on that white table used as a desk

casapinka says:

The painting on the brick. Now, THAT’S brave.

Peggy says:

I am in love with the red chairs in the third pic!

Hemmarikets Charlotte says:

I have just read about Ilses home in one of the Scandinavian interior magazines and it looks fabulous if you ask me. Thanks for th inspiration!

Dutchmilk says:

Hi, from the Netherlands.
I love Ilse, got all of her books

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