Eric Cahan

Posted on Wed, 19 Dec 2007 by midcenturyjo

Eric Cahan is by now infamous for his photo shoot of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Amagansett home for House and Garden. Take a closer look at his portfolio and you will find gorgeous images from interiors to fashion. It’s so refreshing to see people in interior shots. So often a photo looks like a show room not a home. Don’t miss the quirky fun of his personal work. Love it!

Update. Eric has sent us a special link to his upcoming show. Gorgeous!!

Thanks guys. I’m very susceptible to flattery so i’m loving all the comments. If you like the personal work i have a special treat of a private link to an upcoming show. See below.

sorry the correct link is:

Moosie says:

Oh my! I’m so glad I found this blog. It’s beautiful. I promise – I’ll be back!

Thanks Eric! I love the larger photos in the link. Liked your personal work before but loving it at that size. No need to flatter. Your portfolio is fab!

Cher Ami says:

that french film poster above the bed is lovely

AphroChic says:

There is something magical in each photo. Absolutely gorgeous work.

Oh Moosie you’re going to be busy with almost a year’s worth of archives to get through. Welcome!

Peggy says:

I adore the painting in the first shot! And I adore Gwyneth’s home, so much so that I wrote about in my blog. Her home looks like what a princess would live in to me. Quirky, yet soft and hip.

I am in love with all these photographs. Being the girly girl that I am, this post really made me sit up and take notice. Absolutely stunning!

Kristle says:

I came across this blog today… and it is incredibly incredible. Can I say that? Anyway, I actually remembered the bottom photo from a magazine… I think from a few years ago. Was it W or Domino? The girl in the picture is the daughter of Carolina Herrera, I think. Wow. Amazing Job!

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