Holiday reading part 2

Posted on Sat, 22 Dec 2007 by midcenturyjo

Hope you saved room for seconds. Here’s part 2 of our holiday reading guide. More fab blogs from around the world. Now it’s your turn. Leave the links you want to share in the comments section and maybe we’ll all make it through the silly season.

Juliette says:

Much goodness.
Not mentioned: I love Terramia and Making it Lovely.

I’d like to mention

Isnt Maison21 fab – that fellow is a laugh and a half :-)!

Nicespice is one of my favorite reads too 🙂

Alkemie says:

Fabulous list! I’m really looking forward to all these reads. I’d like to mention that All Things Bright & Beautiful has a gorgeous blog.

Merry Christmas to you both!


Laeriss says:

Je vous remercie d'avoir sélectionné mon Cœur en Provence dans votre "holiday reading guide", j'en suis très flatée.

Kellie says:

thanks for the mention! -list called lucky

pia says:

what an awesome idea – i will thoroughly enjoy perusing them over the coming days, thanks girls!

Anonymous says:

Great to see some new sources of inspiration…creative juices flowing to and fro as a result…you DO have that desire to inspire! I have a few days off, and I’ll be checking many of these out.

susan says:

One more thing (the comment above was from me)…

More than getting creative juices flowing, it offers wonderful opportunities for new relationships to form as well, such a good thing. Nice job!

AlwaysMod says:

Thank your for adding us to your list!

Affinity says:

wow thanks for adding me in the list! i had a great time reading all the other wonderful blogs 🙂

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