I’m supposed to be having a break ….

Posted on Thu, 27 Dec 2007 by midcenturyjo

… but then Kim raises the stakes by doing a post on her favourite living rooms and promises a lay down Misère by featuring rooms by category. (See I should be playing card games and drinking wine not posting.) So here I go!! More favourite rooms.

Angus Caravelli Woodson and Rummerfield
Derek Swalwell David Hicks (the Australian one)
Malina Pearson via Faucher Artists Breck Woolsey
Craig Spencer David Hicks (the original)
Hallie Burton via anyway artists Laura Resen via Art Rep Team
Beale Lana David Scott

kim. says:

HAHAHA – Jo, you and I are unstoppable. Great photo choices, the Hallie Burton one being my fav.

Anonymous says:

Impeccable taste you have! Love your picks!

Cher Ami says:

that Malina Pearson room looks so cute!

Breck says:

Again!… Thank You!!! More to come. Promise!

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