Jay Jeffers

Posted on Thu, 3 Jan 2008 by KiM

I LOVE Jay Jeffers. LOVE HIM. I just adore how his portfolio is chock full of brilliant colours, patterns and bold furnishings. I was on his website looking for updates and thought I’d post some photos of his latest projects. (I think I’ve finally stopped drooling).

k says:

do you have any idea whose wallpaper that is in the one bathroom photo with the alabaster(?) sink?? It’s amazing.

jo-anne in vancouver says:

I’m endlessly fascinated by extremely busy wallpapers. They were such a no-no for so long and now they’re back with a gorgeous vengance!

casapinka says:

The bathroom. Oooh, the bathroom.

Erica says:

I love the super tall windows & long panels!

Jennifer says:

Pretty darn amazing! There is just so much detail here that is so different! I love the off-centre arches in the bedroom and the big wallpaper, too. I’m hooked!

The King of wallpaper. I love Jay’s work particularly those photos of the show house bedroom. Out of the box idea to paint the walls that way and it works. I have a funny idea that the wallpaper in the bathroom with the alabaster sink is actually a mural or a handpainted paper.

I love that these colors are so feminine yet the rooms here are so very sophisticated, not frilly.

Laura says:

It’s all so lush. Yummy.

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