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Posted on Sun, 6 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

What a week! Never again will I take on the job of painting my 2 bedroom apartment. I wanted to call this post “Paint, prints and problems”. 1) I had forgotten how physically hard painting is. 2) It took three coats to cover the walls to my exacting (fussy) standard. 3) It is so humid here after a week of heavy rains that the removable adhesive hooks I bought won’t stay on the wall. The wall plugs and hooks to hang the heavy artwork and frames won’t grip the drywall properly (thanks Mr Hardware man for the recommendation) and I’m left with a lot of artwork still to hang. 4) I still have to put all the furniture back and clean up! At least I managed to paint up some new prints for my etsy store! Thank god I’m back to work tomorrow.

So what colour did I paint those walls? White. That’s a close up in the centre (although looking at it you’d think it was grey bad photographer that I am). Renting in Australia is fraught with design dilemmas. Landlords must give you permission to paint and then it’s a 99.99999999% chance that they will say only white. I wonder if they’ll change the ugly carpet for me? Better get back to figuring out where all the paintings are going to go. Those colourful ones above are in the entrance hallway. One up several dozen to go. Wish me luck.

drey says:

prints are looking great 🙂

you trying on the 3M hooks? Go velcro k? They’re the best, way better than the hook ones… I got them all over this rented townhouse. 🙂

great that you finally got the apt painted 🙂 even though it’s white… but your multicoloured artwork will stand out! 🙂

kim. says:

Wow!!! What the heck are those orange/blue/yellow prints?? Why have I never seen those before?? They are GREAT!! At first I felt bad that you could only paint white – but you have so many fun fabric prints and colourful artwork that I don’t see how you could have chosen a colour for the walls. It’s looking FAB and I hope you can manage to figure out how to hang your art because I’m DYING to see it all up. 🙂

pia says:

good luck! but you don’t need it, STYLE is your middle name (and MIDCENTURY is your first! 😉
and btw, ochres, acqua and sailor blues are SO in right now!! well done, can’t wait for show and tell!

Peggy says:

I love white walls. I’ve done the pink walls and the saturated walls, but I prefer white if you have art. And girl, you have art. I am not sure why people seem to have a prejudice against it. I keep hearing the lament of “four white wall” apartments. But those apartments are not white. They are a muddy biege. Then I hear how clinical white is. A clinic is gray, not white and has those putrid phlorescent lights.

Sorry for the tangent. Can’t wait to see your place come together. I’m glad you chose white. It will work much better with your artistic presentation. I can’t wait to see your art up.

And what are those geometric robot paintings? They are awesome!

kim. says:

FYI: Jo did those robot paintings – she has some photos of them on Flickr.

Yes they’re some of mine from a series on relationships I did a few years ago. Drey 3M hooks and velcro strips are what I’ve been trying to use. I find that high humidity affects the stickiness. I’ve often had pictures slide off the walls in summer 🙁 The only one still hanging is held by several velcro strips. Think I’ll wait until it’s not so humid and try again.

drey says:

yeah… humidity doesn’t help. what about getting those meant for bathrooms? heheheheh
hey at least you’re getting rain! it’s so dry here in Melb.

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