Jen Fong

Posted on Tue, 8 Jan 2008 by KiM

Jen Fong is a phenomenal photographer, and her portfolio had me mesmerized. I am totally in awe of her work, and each phototgraph is better than the next. And PLEASE! – the artwork in just about each photo is incredible!! Pardon me while I go sop up my drool.

Peggy says:

Pass that hanky here when you are done. That art is incredible drooable.

Peggy says:

I mean droolable … you get the idea. Great art.

great photographer, great rooms!!

I’m absolutely inlove with that last picture.

Is that a mirror or tile mosiac?

Is absolutely gorgeous!

Alkemie says:

VERY nice. Great rooms as well! That’s a really neat mirrored lampshade at the bottom as well as the shiny wall hanging – I’d love it for myself 🙂

E. P. says:

I like the way they displayed their movie/corporate posters. It’s hard to hang my own stuff, but this makes it look easy. Very nice!

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