Kate Hume

Posted on Thu, 10 Jan 2008 by KiM

Kate Hume lives in Amsterdam and designs furniture, mouth-blown glass and interiors. Her style is incredible. Modern and luxurious, with lots of fun contemporary art. Her work has been showcased in museums and exhibitions around the world and featured in magazines like Architectural Digest, Elle Decoration and Metropolitan Home. So hard to choose only a handful of photos to post…

M&Co says:

Wow gorgeouse! I can understand you had difficults choosing the images to use!

Alkemie says:

As usual, you always have the most amazing collection of photos! I really enjoyed looking at all of them!

I love her work and the website is gorgeous!!

I had to laugh at the smeared red lipstick in the first photo. What fun.

I’m impressed by the basin in the first picture, with towel rails built into the design – very elegant.

The lack of storage space or a mirror might make it a little difficult to live with, though, unless you were some sort of strict minimalist vampire.

Blandwagon, good point. A lot of people would agree that designers are strict minimalist vampires or maybe Kate is making a statement about beauty and vanity in a public toilet. I’m a shocker though. I just notice the artwork and the sink and unconsciously dismiss the lack of storge. Then again I have been trained to be a strict minimalist vampire 🙂

minxlj says:

Those beautiful wooden ball lampshades are by Unless of New Zealand:


and a similar, curved style here (which I am so buying for my new house!):


the ‘boys’ room with the soccer photograph is brilliant.

i am in love with that golden murano glass chandelier – and the way it’s displayed against the bare white walls! stunning!

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