Master of light

Posted on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

Eric Piasecki has the most exceptional talent for capturing light and shadow in his photos. He shoots with natural light when he can and uses a photo’s composition to draw the viewer in. With covers for Elle Decor and Martha Stewart his work is of the highest order and his portfolio is overflowing with inspiring shots. Check it out. There are far too many extraordinary photos to feature here.

Peggy says:

Jo, you are right. These photos are fab. Over and over, I kept thinking look how light that is. As I attempt to photograph my apartment, I am gaining a deep respect for photographers. Much harder than it looks.

Eric is a genius photographer. I know how difficult it is to get a perfect picture. Sometimes on my photo shoots it takes the photographer up to 3 hours just to get one shot done correctly. Eric’s photos are all sheer perfection!!


Hello! I'm trying to email either you or Kim about my art blog, but my computer will not allow me to click on your email links in the upper left column. So I'm hoping you'll take a look! I'd love to slip into your winks feature 🙂 Thanks bunches-

alis says:

these photos are amazing, and it's not just the quality and richness of the photography but the spaces are full of character too. I suspect he shares my passion for ceilings with beams, the sense of warmth and structure is really striking with these types of ceilings.

The photos are amazing, and not only that, but the rooms being photographed are just as beautiful.

Like someone before me commented, they have such character.

Beautiful shots!! I’m loving that elephant table esp!


kim. says:

Jo, your title for this post is perfect. Gorgeous photos!!!

Lindsay, I’m sure Jo would love to include you in her Winks tomorrow.

drey says:

gorgeous rooms!

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