White walls

Posted on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 by KiM

It seems Denmark is the white wall capital of the world. Is it because everyone rents there so no one is allowed to paint? I am not a huge fan of white walls….until I look at photos such as these from the site Bolig Magasinet, and then I want to strip and paint my hardwood floors and all the walls white.

Jennifer says:

I always find white walls look amazing in photos (like these images) — but, not so good when you’re actually surrounded by them. Better to have some white walls, broken up by a couple of punchy, coloured walls, I think.

kim. says:

Jennifer – I TOTALLY agree with you. Adds so much more excitement to a space. White everywhere is just too easy.

My walls are so colorful, but this white is very calming!!!!

M&Co says:

I love white walls. I think many Scandinavians have white walls as a contrast the long dark winters outside, also the light in the Scandinavian countries plays wonderfully in a white interior. Lovely photos!

White walls are so amazing! The key to this look though is great flooring.

I recently painted my room white, and this is very inspiring. thanx 🙂

I have all white walls and woodwork in my house (which I own, not rent!) and it was FAR from easy to choose the right white! It’s a constant challenge to make other colors work well with the white in a way that allows the house to be bright and spare, while still showing off the vibrancy of the object within it. An all-white house can make even the most subtle bit of gray or blue look very intense.

Zaya says:

I love white walls when they are obviously deliberate, as opposed to looking like someone just hasn’t gotten around to painting yet.

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