I am a thrift shop addict

Posted on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

My name is Jo and I am a thrift store addict. I’m sure I’ve said that before but I now need to form Thrifters’ Anonymous. It’s an addiction. Help! So what did I buy this week?

It started off simply, a sweet pink Murano glass vase for $2 from the thrift shop around the corner from work. My “dealer” here is Colin.

Then it was off to Phillip’s thrift store. He has the “good stuff”. I now have embraced the Victoria Rule (first described by flea market addict Victoria of sfgirlbybay). One piece in one piece out. That’s how I could justify buying this desk, chair and mirror. A coat of fuchsia or orange paint and they’ll be my snail mail desk in the office. I’ll be selling this one if I stick to the rules.

I didn’t buy these. Well I didn’t need a single headboard and yet another bedside table. The Manhattan skyline was tempting but I haven’t even hung my other artwork after painting my apartment. The kitchen print was cute but dirty and way too big for the only small wall space in my kitchen. I’ll draw a smaller and brighter interpretation for beside the window.

I blame this guy for my dilemma. He’s my enabler. He never tells me no but I love him.

AMR says:

Shouldn’t we all say “Hi Jo” in unison?
That pink Murano vase is fantastic. And $2??? Whaaaa!!
More on pink…I have pretty much the exact same painting of the Manhattan skyline but in pink – light to hot (and black & white) ~ 85cm X 130cm. My father painted it in 1969.
Your enabler/accomplice is super handsome.

Wow that’s a beautiful Murano glass vase you scored for $2.00.

maison21 says:

your enabler is just the sweetest- what a smile!

Kate says:

The vase is beautiful…I love a good bargain 🙂

Anonymous says:

I really enjoy your site, I am addicted. Thanks for all your work. I look forward to it every day.
I too am a thrift addict. I love finding a treasure to remake.

P.S. I have a similar enabler in a deep chocolate brown. :o)

Lora D.

eric says:

that vase is so fabulous. two dollars!

Glad you like my finds. I was indeed very lucky this week. I just have to hope that my thrift shop guys don’t read the blog and figure out to put up the prices.

Thanks Peggy for giving me some history on the one in one out rule. Great to know it’s Native American history. Oh and Mickey is a clever dog. He’s starting to be able to spot the difference between WG pottery and Target!

Amy says:

I love your finds! I have a question that will reveal my diy naivete: When you said, “A coat of fuchsia or orange paint and they’ll be my snail mail desk in the office”…should I assume that you’re going to sand and prime it first? Or is there some way to avoid that step? Thanks!

Amy the prep work is the worst part but unfortunately it is the vital part. I’ll sand till it’s very smooth but not necessarily aim for removing the paint. I probably won’t prime these as it’s not going to be bare wood. I don’t want too much paint building up around the cane wrapped joins. I’ll sand between each coat with a fine sandpaper and finish with a very very fine sandpaper to remove the dust particles. I want a gloss almost lacquer finish so I will use foam brushes where I can to avoid brush marks (and because they’re cheap I can throw them away and not worry about cleaning them up). I’ll also be a very very patient girl and wait at least a day between each coat so it dries really well. I can see at least 3 coats going on the top. So a 2 weekend job I’d say.

Lollaubla says:

I am so jealous! I am looking for a vase like that, i have searched everywhere! And to get it for $2 wow! lucky you 🙂 xx

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