I too am a thrift store addict

Posted on Sun, 13 Jan 2008 by KiM

Jo isn’t the only one that can’t say no to a good bargain. I just bought my fifth couch in about 6 years. Crazy, I know. But I saw this one yesterday at an antique market and couldn’t stop thinking about. I went back this afternoon, and about an hour later, it was delivered to my door. It is SO much more comfortable than the last couch, and much cuter. The colour is not my favourite, but I’ll have to make it work. I’ll get some pillows made (mom??) in some great colours/patterns and liven it up. (See here for details).

Couch is already cat approved.

I also got this table to house my TV and components, and got to put my coffee table back where it belongs. The table was from an antique store and was originally $285 marked down to $95. It could be a bit longer, but I had too much criteria to find the perfect table. Now I have to get the room figured out so I can find a colour to paint it. Another day, another score.

flow says:

now how come i never come across anything like this on my thrift store hunts????

i love the couch. what a gorgeous shape and the color is actually quite nice 😉 great find kim!

jenn lee

jaime says:

WOW I never find anything remotely attractive when i go thrifting. what a great find Kim!

Why did no one in Australia ever have couches like that in the 60s? Never! Love it. See you made the right decision!

drey says:

jo: agree with you. nothing like this comes up in thrift stores here in Aus, … or any store, really!

melissa says:

i love minty green! So super 1950s!

Anonymous says:

Minty green, eh? How do you feel about brown walls?

kim. says:

Brown has been suggested by a few people – I’m sort of not feeling it. I have alot of art and fabrics and knick-knacks for such a small space, so brown might be too much. And too dark.

Alkemie says:

WOw. I don’t think I’ve found a piece yet that I haven’t had to redo. The sofa looks great! I totally understand the addiction with the couches. I impulsively bought a couch from a thift store even though I’m not entirely sure I have a spot for it yet yikes! I seriously have a problem. I’m getting it re-upholstered. What do you do when you change couches with your old one?

kim. says:

My old couch I bought on Craigslist for $80 so I’m going to put it on the curb tonight to be trashed. Although the guy that sold me the couch said he would take it, but hasn’t shown up yet. I’d put it back on Craigslist but I’m too busy this week to deal with that.

Amelia says:

Well i think the color is great!

All the best,
Amelia, A Beautiful living

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