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Posted on Tue, 15 Jan 2008 by KiM

This post is a request for help. I think I want to paint the main floor of my new house all white (and one day hopefully the icky hardwood floors). Colours I will save for the bedrooms and bathrooms. But the living room, kitchen and office I think I’d like to keep white (and maybe the stairwell and upstairs hallway). My problem is I have never found a white I love. In my last house I used Ultra Pure White or whatever the base is for Behr paints. That was a tad too bright. Then I repainted my living room in Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White, and I thought that was a bit too off-white. So if anyone out there has a white paint they swear by, please leave the name and brand in the comments. And if there’s anyone who wants to come by and help paint…..

kim. says:

FYI: I drove by a paint store this afternoon that had “Pittsburgh Paints” on it’s sign. YAY!

Anonymous says:

I used Valspar’s (Martha Stewart’s line) in Zen Garden Sand for my office, but don’t use this paint for a room (like a living room) that you want to be a warm space. It’s the coldest white imaginable! In fact, it’s only the tiniest bit warmer than primer. Blah!

So because I didn’t test for my office, I definitely tested for my living room. I used Benjamin Moore’s White Dove based on the fact that every other designer who’s featured in Domino uses this for their white. It’s perfect. It’s warm but not cream. It’s only the tiniest bit different than white. So beautiful!!!

Anonymous says:

i am thinking of painting all my bedroom walls Moonlight White (Benjamin Moore) in Matte and my trim and doors in Simply White (Benjamin Moore) in satin. I’m wondering what colour to paint my celings though? Same colour as the doors or same colour as the walls? (note: i only have base molding not crown molding)? help!

Anonymous says:

My boyfriend wants to paint most of our house white, and my mother says that’s dreadfully boring and it will end up looking like an apartment forever.

I love colour, so it’s easier for me to agree with my Mom.

Our living room sofa is bright bright orange. What else besides white goes with it? And who do you think is right, my boyfriend or my Mom?

TOny says:

Good Job! 🙂

Tracie says:

I think something with more grey in it would show off your Ingo M. pendant- you don’t want it to just blend into the walls…

Anonymous says:

My favourite beige for the last 10 years has been Dulux “Seed Pearl” it’s perfectly neutral and in some lights appears quite warm, in others, very cool. I think it is well named in that regard. It is beautiful when accented with Dulux “Antique White”.

heidiszen says:

ok I think I will go with either cloud white or white dove from BM for all interior walls in our remodel. Should I use the same color but glossy for the trim or go with a different white for trim? What about the ceiling?

kim. says:

heidiszen I tend to use the same white on walls and trim (semi-gloss for trim). It’s just easy that way. And I’m not too picky about ceilings so I tend to just grab a can of BM ceiling paint. You can be brave and chose a colour for the ceilings. 🙂

Myrsini says:

i would like to paint my living rooms – floor in an off white, but i hate yellowish tones. I chose Benjamin Moore’s Atrium white and White dove, but can’t decide! Please help. I am a fan of light beige as a shade. Which one do you suggest? Also, i wouldnt like it to be bright white as such , i like it warmer. Which one of the two is the darkest?

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