Put on the Partridge Family music it’s retro time!

Posted on Mon, 21 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

I warned you on the weekend that one of the consequences of my trip to the book fair was the return of the retro post. Time to revisit the 70s. What were we thinking about when we draped our windows in such a flamboyant way? Frilly, frou-frou and down right frightful. Here and there though something that just might inspire. Images scanned from How to Make Your Windows Beautiful Vol V, Kirsch Company, Michigan, 1974.

P.S No Polar Bears were hurt in the scanning of these photos. What our decorating forebears did was their business.
P.P.S. If you really must make this book your own the girls from White Elephant Vintage have it for sale here.

kim. says:

Oh my GAWD I think this is what hell looks like.

E. P. says:

Rooms on acid! Got to love the shag rugs! The green floor to ceiling is putrid, ditto the wallpaper. Nice shade of yellow though. Fun post!

Hammy says:

Wow, flashback!

I can’t believe people killed polar bears for rugs!
Make that I cant believe people kill animals for rugs!

Great selection nonetheless.

AMR says:

hammy ~ That bearskin rug could be a fake. Ours was. We had one in the late 70’s in our (eek!) ALL RED livingroom. Its head zippered off (spooky!). Luckily *one day* our house was broken into. The bandits thought about the silverware (they left it all piled by the front door) but took-off with the fake bearskin rug instead. Hurrah! No more trippin’ on that head…and our dog finally came into the living room without fear.

kim. says:

LOL – great story AMR!

balsamfir says:

This is one side of the 70’s, admittedly scary, but I remember lofts in NY empty and white and very industrial, and that white wood house plant thing. Some of the above though, with a little editing, wouldn’t be far from Jonathan Adler, or the excesses of Hollywood glamour today. Oh well, some periods never seem to fade, while others look tired two years later.

How to Make Your Windows Beautiful (Apparently)

Step 1: Run over a polar bear with a steamroller.

Step 2: Install apple green carpet and blocky teal armchairs. Resist the urge to use any soft salmons or ochres on the walls (or in the accessories) to offset this brave combination: instead, go with stark white for that trendy “we-gave-up-halfway-through-redecorating” look.

Step 3: Get some a bowl of acid yellow chrysanthemums. It just isn’t a 70s room without acid yellow chrysanthemums.

Step 4: Hang some curtains in shades that make your eyeballs scream.

Et voila!

You guys crack me up! I always get better reactions when I post retro rooms of dubious taste, much better than the scans of beautifully edited midcentury classic rooms. AMR I’d love a fake rug with a zippable head and yes blandwagon where are the yellow mums?

melissa says:

circus-esque! lol!

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