Colourful Italian hotel

Posted on Tue, 29 Jan 2008 by KiM

I’d like to introduce you to one of the wildest hotels I’ve ever seen. This is a glimpse into the Byblos Art Hotel – Villa Amista, a five-star hotel in Verona. Talk about creative and over-the-top decor. I imagine staying here would have you feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland. The colours are simply stunning.

Silvestra says:

This is so inpirational!! That’s it, I’m painting my white room yellow tonight, and my desk red, and I’m upholstering my couch in blue fabric… this is sensational!! I’ve always been a colour freak, but in recent months I’ve become a huge fan of Scandinavian and Danish-style white, simple, clean, monochramatic rooms… but this post, I think, has reconverted me into a colour spazz…

kim. says:

WHOA silvestra! LOL As fun and bold as these rooms are, a white room with pops of colour in pillows or painted furniture or knick-knacks is fabulous too. I love these photos but I’m still painting my walls and hardwood floors white. 🙂

Sarah says:

I really love these rooms, but I agree with Kim on this one – I’m sticking with pops of color. I have to say though, my kids’ rooms are all intensely colourful, so I get my colour fix whenever I venture in there to do some cleaning.
Oh and Kim, you’re painting your hardwood floors white? I’ve been thinking of doing that in our house, you must do a post on it when you’re done!

Outrageous colour in the best possible way 🙂 I’d like to stay for a month.

pia says:

those fabulously crazy italians! it has me intrigued to stay there and see what it feels like surrounded by all that colour and energy, you’d either love it or hate it i’d say. but if its a hotel and not your home then it would probably be great. one of us will have to try it out and report back! bags me! (jo, what is the international translation for ‘bags’ do you think?!)

Sam says:

While I’m certainly more of a serene colours girl, this hotel is quite inspirational… making the comparison to staying there being like Alice in Wonderland is spot on, I think. I find the second image particularly beautiful. I want that bed frame and I covet those couches and their pattern.

M&Co says:

Wow thats stunning! So exciting you can stay there several times and discover new rooms every time ;-)! I do prefer a calm sleeping environment though…so some of the rooms might be abit over the top for me 😉

Funny, I almost stayed here. Verona is one of my favorite Italian cities but the hotel is not near the old city center so the Baglioni it was. Great pictures, cool hotel. Maybe someday….a girl can dream.

yeah… just as everyone has said.. amazing colours.. how could you walk into any of thoes rooms and not smile? looks like the perfect place to look at black and white photos..

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