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Posted on Thu, 31 Jan 2008 by KiM

I adore wallpaper. I adore wallpaper because I adore pattern. The wallpapers available these days are SO creative and fun. I’ve been wondering if maybe I should wallpaper somewhere in my house. Maybe the powder room. Or in the upstairs hallway. The walls are all in pretty rough shape from being patched up over the past 90 or so years so maybe this would help hide the mess (they are smooth at least). I thought by finding some photos of great wallpapers, I might get inspired to actually go through with it. Or at least inspire someone else to wallpaper something.

Sarah Kaye Lucyina Moodie
Barry Mason Graham & Brown
Design For All Occasions Gaby Zimmermann
Elle Deco Domino
idFX Collective Designs
Design28 Design28
Interiors Europe Elle Decor Italia

I love the subtle ones like the Lucyina Moodie and Interiors Europe.

Loving the Gabby Zimmerman!

Tag you are it. Visit my blog and see what we are up to,

I’m craving wallpaper too. Can’t you tell from all the wallpapered retro rooms I keep posting 🙂

I too love wallpaper! Especially chinoiserie and damask patterns.

Anna 🙂

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