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Master of light

Posted on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

Eric Piasecki has the most exceptional talent for capturing light and shadow in his photos. He shoots with natural light when he can and uses a photo’s composition to draw the viewer in. With covers for Elle Decor and Martha Stewart his work is of the highest order and his portfolio is overflowing with inspiring shots. Check it out. There are far too many extraordinary photos to feature here.

The Duckpond – a reader’s home

Posted on Fri, 11 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

“I’ve just discovered your blog (and spent far too much time enjoying the
images). We’ve just about finished building our mudbrick home in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, and there are a few bits and pieces that may interest you….” Cecilia.

The Duckpond is Jon & Cecilia Sharpley’s photo journal that follows the progress of the building of their special home. It’s an inspiring visit for anyone with an interest in energy efficient, alternative, or sustainable building. These are just a few photos of their hand forged balustrades, fallen gum branch bed and stick handles. Thanks Cecilia. You have a wonderful and environmentally sensitive home!

Heather Jenkinson

Posted on Thu, 10 Jan 2008 by KiM

Heather Jenkinson has a GREAT job. She is an interior stylist, who has worked on shoots for Elle Decoration and Living Etc. Styling, colour consultancy and personal shopping are among her functions. I’d take that job in a heartbeat. Especially if I got to decorate spaces as fabulous as the ones below.

The joys of owning a 90ish year old home

Posted on Thu, 10 Jan 2008 by KiM

This week has been a crazy week for me. I was stuck at home Monday and Tuesday with a leaky basement (we had VERY mild weather) and realized I had to get the eavestrough replaced on the left side of the house ($800). Then I had to skip work today because I had an electrician coming in to replace my electrical panel with breakers instead of fuses and some other minor stuff. ($2800). I have just GOT to plug the electrical company that came because they were SUPER nice, worked hard, and did a few extra things for me when they noticed some shady work in the basement. So anyone in Ottawa needing electrical work done, call Ellacott Electric. They rock and although I almost teared up when I wrote that cheque, I have a nice fuzzy feeling now that I know my house has less of a chance burning to the ground. And that photo above? Compared to what that used to look like, it’s a work of ART.

Dogs on furniture

Posted on Thu, 10 Jan 2008 by KiM

Thanks to Biljana for sending in this photo of her dog Grappa (in back), and Grappa’s mom Elsa. Looks like they had a great Christmas. Hope they got lots of toys and treats.