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Kristian Septimius Krogh

Posted on Tue, 22 Jan 2008 by KiM

The photography of Kristian Septimius Krogh is absolutely mesmerizing. I adore white Scandinavian-style spaces, and all of these (except one) are the epitomy of Scandinavian beauty. The beautiful lighting highlights the white and gives such a calming feeling. *sigh*

Art as inspiration

Posted on Tue, 22 Jan 2008 by KiM

The other day we received an email from Aja with a request:

I’m about to start redesigning my tiny apartment (I should say designing it for the first time) and I’m going to be using a commissioned painting from a friend as the basis for the entire redesign. Kim, I was inspired by your fireplace post the other day and all the amazing paintings featured over the mantles, and I was wondering if you guys could do a post featuring rooms designed around artwork as the central theme! The only direction I’ve really given my artist friend (who’s amazing – she’s fresh out of art school and doesn’t have a website I can link you to yet but she will one day and it will be fabulous!) is that she should have fun with the painting, and the surreal, braindrain style that’s all hers – and maybe indulge my love of orange.

This proved to be a bit of a tough request, having not seen Aja’s painting (it’s still in the works). I found some photos with art that had orange in it and included some with other colours as well (since the selection was minimal). Hope this helps you Aja, and please send us a photo of your painting when it’s completed!

Selldorf Architects Décormag
Image Interiors Kelly Wearstler
e-Architekt Bo Bedre
Alison Spear Betty Wasserman
Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz Met Home
Elle Decor Homes & Gardens
Caldwell-Beebe Image Interiors
White Webb Domino

Amanda Prior

Posted on Tue, 22 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

Australian photographer Amanda Prior has a gorgeous portfolio of interiors. I love that not only does she make these spaces look as special as they are she also conveys their “humanness”. Her work appears in two of my most favourite Australian shelter magazines, Inside Out and Real Living. Don’t miss her personal work, ordinary people in ordinary rooms.

P.S. This post could be subtitled “Kitchen inspiration for Kim”.

Carla Lane

Posted on Mon, 21 Jan 2008 by KiM

Carla Lane launched her residential interior design firm in 2006 in L.A. and I adore her fun and modern style. She’s not afraid to use colour, and in unexpected combinations, that are are eye-popping and in perfect doses. Then I could start into how she uses great patterns to bring out these colours, but you might as well just see for yourself. (I had to include the photo of her because her dress is amazing….and her dog is in it).

Eric Flogny

Posted on Mon, 21 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

Eric Flogny is a member of Aleph a French collective of 4 photographers. His work is regularly seen in Marie Claire Maison. I love the simplicity and honesty of his photographs. Beautiful colour and light. Don’t miss his travel photos, so evocative.

Images from Aleph