Kim’s place – some painting going on there too

Posted on Sun, 3 Feb 2008 by KiM

I have been having a busy weekend too. Like Jo, there was some painting going on here too. I was getting totally sick of the putrid yellow that most of this house is painted and took off to my local Benjamin Moore store yesterday afternoon with a list of white paint and my latest Style at Home mag, where a gorgeous photo of a kitchen painted in Farrow & Ball’s Blackened had got me thinking about grey. In the end, grey won out (Misty Gray for walls and Distant Gray for trim). I painted the living room yesterday, except the wall behind the tv that leads upstairs – that’s getting painted today (and the upstairs hallway). Some photos are below. (The one with my little teak dresser shows the putrid yellow on the wall in behind.) I’ve also included one of the baseboards. NONE of the baseboards in this house are painted. So they required 3 coats. And OMG what a difference. The room still needs alot of work…new chairs, coffee table, curtains, pillows, rug etc. etc. but I think it’s off to a good start.

I also bought some paint for my kitchen cabinets. That will be a job for my day off tomorrow. Wait until you see what colour I chose. The kitchen is going to be trashed as soon as I get my act together and get renovating, so I thought something a little crazy would help me not hate it so much.

You are a painting dynamo! That explains why you haven’t been online. I’m guessing pink, orange or black for the kitchen.

kim. says:

Jo, you know me very well. 😉

Peggy says:

That’s a beautiful shade! Looks fantastic. You got a lot done! I’m envious, I’ve been a lazy bum this weekend.

P.S. Your pottery looks great piled up like that. Are you going to paint those flowers?

Sam says:

I want your couch. I’ve been looking for a similar one ever since you first posted pics of it.
Love the wall colour! Can’t wait to see the kitchen!

kim. says:

🙂 My couch is my new fav piece of furniture – the kind that if my house was on fire, I’d grab the 5 cats, then the couch. Kitchen is coming up tomorrow, but god help me, I’m SO SICK OF PAINTING. Peggy, I don’t know where those flowers are going to go. I just have them up there because there was a nail in the wall (and I forgot to patch it). I will paint them though once I find it a home.

looking great! Amazing what just a few hours and a can of paint will do!

kim. says:

Thanks ‘be the change…’. Paint is a girl’s best friend. P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for photos of what I did today to my kitchen.

casapinka says:

Jeez, you are a painting fiend. How do you get the energy? I’ve been eyeing the wood bathroom floor for two weeks, wanting to paint it white.

drey says:

do you guys get Dulux Once there? Once coat becomes two coats when dry… great stuff!

kim. says:

I’m not sure Drey but I’ll check for it. Thx!

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