Boutique getaways

Posted on Mon, 4 Feb 2008 by KiM

I haven’t been on a holiday in ages, but if I got the chance to stay in any hotel I wanted, I have no idea what style I’d prefer. Modern? Rustic? Themed? Glam? I came across a website called Boutique Getaways, which is a guide to some pretty stylish hotels located in several countries. These are some of my favourites – and apparently I prefer glam or rustic.

oh glam for me please! Love that purple room. What a beautiful lush colour. No wonder Pantone has that colour as one of the big trends this year!

zee says:

Oh! That pink room with the b&w spiral carpet is in Galway, near where my in-laws live. I got them a voucher for dinner there and they went last weekend. I haven’t heard from them yet whether they enjoyed it or not!! I’m not sure the decor is *quite* their taste 🙂

David says:

I’m officially trademarking, copyrighting, whatever, the term “glamorustic”. Seriously, some designer out there needs to name their firm glamorustic and register I’ll split all the royalties that I get from people using my trademark with you since you inspired it.

kim. says:

David that is a GREAT word. I will gladly split royalties. 😉

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