Posted on Tue, 5 Feb 2008 by midcenturyjo

Husband and wife photographers Gentl & Hyers have a way with light that takes me back to the works of the Old Masters. Chiaroscuro, light and shade, positive and negative. The air is thick in their photos like treacle and colours have a tangible presence. It’s like the photos are caught in amber or that the white light is thick like milk. Beautiful portfolio. Their black and white work is a must see.

kim. says:

Gorgeous! Your description is right on Jo. The second photo is soooooo pretty.

zee says:

So lovely! That first picture is so airy and cosy at the same time.

melissa says:

a couple of these photos are almost creepy! in an etherial lovely way though. I love them!

photobear says:

Wow! great photographers (and the rooms are good too).

Dana says:

I love these photographs!!! How inspirational.

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