Ferguson & Katzman

Posted on Thu, 7 Feb 2008 by KiM

Ferguson & Katzman Photography is a St. Louis-based studio comprised of Scott Ferguson, Mark Katzman and Jay Baker. Beautiful work. I love how in each photo it looks like they waited until the natural light was at it’s peak, making them so ethereal.

Beautiful photos !! I also love the spaces….thanks for the inspiration !!!

Geez, I feel like going out and buying room 5 a plant or something. What an unfriendly space.

Sam says:

The lavish red couch is frankly quite orgasmic.
I love the lighting in these photographs.

For some reason, I just love pictures with stairs in them. That picture is amazing. And I adore the little seat in the hallway.

M&Co says:

Gorgeouse light!! My favourite is the top right one! Love the light from the windows, and the interior is stunning!

Such a diverse portfolio too!

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