Posted on Fri, 8 Feb 2008 by midcenturyjo

Talk about a crazy mixed up space. This fabulous 4 floor Victorian era house has a distinct style on each level. Funky futurist 60s, white, light and cavernous climbs to elegant French grandeur with panelling and high high ceilings on the first floor. The second floor is pretty and feminine while the third is a cool 70s den of design. The perfect house for when you can’t quite make up your mind what style you’re feeling today. Oh and I’m head over heels for that curly cane headboard(?) as a stair rail.

Images from Inspace locations

pompom says:

Never commented before but OMG that stair the hanging chair! The white is so beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.

kim. says:

I’m with pompom. There’s something about hanging chairs that gets me going every time.

drey says:




i agree with you JO, that cane stair rail is getting my heart beating faster! if we bought this rental townhouse, i think i’ll do that! wow.

this place is gorgeous! can’t believe how POP-py it is!

Lynne says:

so english. perfectly eccentric!

Peggy says:

I think this house works because of the generous amounts of white tying it together. I adore it. And I am completely in love with the lamp in the last picture.

i agree with lynne! it is perfectly eccentric… i love your site! so inspiring and delicious. i found you through flickr (with your lovely pink kitchen) and will definitely be back!
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Amelia says:

That old white door is just amazing! And speaking of white, check out my apartment at!
All the best,

I like it! What is that staircase made out of I wonder?


wow! a home hasn’t inspired me this much in a very long time.

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