Kenneth Brown

Posted on Mon, 11 Feb 2008 by KiM

Soon after this blog came to be, I posted about designer Kenneth Brown’s beach retreat. I happened upon his website recently and discovered many more gorgeous photos of his work. He seems to LOVE wallpaper (me too!) and mixing many patterns and textures. (And any designer willing to incorporate a chopper in their designs tops my list!) Great eye-candy!

Garrett says:

Very fun. I figured I should leave a comment at some point as I read this blog every single day, usually checking multiple times for updates. Always great stuff. So thanks :).

kim. says:

Garrett – we appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. We love comments. Feel free to leave more. 🙂

Decorno says:

I love that he’s not a one-trick-pony… he seems to do pretty varied work. Jennifer Post, for example – – brilliant for sure – – has just one thing on the menu.

Is this the guy who had his own show on HGTV or Bravo or some channel?

Love your blog and never seem to visit enough. I have a new resolution starting today.


Jan says:

Gray is making me giddy lately. I love all of the pics. Keep it up and give us eye candy often.

Dark moody and quirky. Just the way I like it. Thanks for your kind words Garrett, Decorno (I lurk on your blog all the time) and Jan. Garrett hurry up and start blogging. If the title of your blog is anything to go by it will ruffle a few feathers and be great!

i’ve never seen such sophisticated but richly adorned areas.

kim. says:

Decorno, his show was ReDesign on HGTV.

Peggy says:

I love that first picture. I am loving industrial tempered by something fine, like the chandelier, more and more.

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