A little vacation anyone?

Posted on Tue, 12 Feb 2008 by KiM

Dutch designer Piet Boon designs and builds homes, then takes on the design of their interiors as well. He once visited friends on the island of Bonaire, in the Netherlands Antilles of the Caribbean. He loved it so much he designed his own beach villa on the island and furnished it with his own creations. It is situated right on the ocean and is available for rent. More details here. Any takers?

drey says:

wow how earthy, and very basic yet oh so luxurious. i love the cement flooring

but what sold me was OF COURSE: mosquito netting over the beds! never thought of using BLACK netting… adds a sense of mystery to the rooms (white adds a ethereal feel)….

We have this book in my office. I actually work for the US agent for Piet Boon Zone and we are slowly trying to get him popularized in the states too. I read your blog regularly, so it’s cool to see this posted! Alexa

kim. says:

Wouldn’t it be nice to live somewhere where mosquito netting is a necessity? As much as I hate bugs…

Alexa, what a cool job you must have!

katiedid says:

Yes…I could definitely see relaxing here. It is relaxing just thinking about it. 🙂

Um yes please. I’d be quite content to vacation here for a couple weeks. Ohh did I mention I just need to borrow some money? kthnksbai!

Count me in too! I love the earthiness of his work.

wow, absolutely amazing, love the earthy yet modern design … thanks for sharing!

my66 says:

Oh my god!

I was on the island last September for vacation! I drove by the house everyday to get to the internationally well-known windsurfing bay, Lac Bay. I wish I could visit the house….

The mosquito is just unbelievable on the island. They are so aggresive. Even though we were on a motorcycle, they bit me many times. I absolutely understand the reason for the mosquito net but I would choose white color. Then I can clearly see the busters!

I love the way the elements are repeated: the rectangular windows, the mirror in the bath, the tables, the shelving and the island in the kitchen all echo the design of the house. Perfect.

kim. says:

Lucky you my66, that you were in such a beautiful place. I SO wish I was somewhere like that right now.

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