Vicente Wolf encore

Posted on Thu, 14 Feb 2008 by KiM

A while back Jo posted about Vicente Wolf, an interior designer icon. His spaces are so incredible I figured it was about time to do an encore. Spacious, light, ethereal. These photos will make you rethink the blandness of neutrals.

Each time I visit, I want to redecorate my house!! 🙂 I love visiting here!

There is nothing bland about Vicente Wolf. The man is a true style icon. LOVE that last room!

i adore your site!

kim. says:

Gee, you’re all being very loving today. How fitting. 😉 Thanks for the lovely comments and Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. Jess – I’ve got no idea about that table. I love it too.

JL says:

Vincent Wolf is an amazing interior designer and photographer. Check out his book Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision of Design. It's a wonderful showcase of his travel adventures and photography and how they influence his design projects. Keep up the great work, I love your blog!!

lovely! the yellow canopy is so sunny and refreshing!

Suzy says:

Love that top image – well, I love pretty much all of his work, actually!

Thank you for the great post, Kim!

That blue side table was a one off that I bought in Thailand for my Manhattan showroom, VW Home. It found the perfect home in this project. We have similar one-off pieces at VW Home ( – feel free to browse online or, even better, pop in if you’re in the New York area!

Keep up the great work.

kim. says:

Thanks for stopping by Vicente! (And I fixed the typo in your name – my sincere apologies!!)

April says:

I have been following Vincente Wolfe’s career almost since his arrival in the States from Cuba. He just keeps getting better and better! No one does elegant, chic and comfortable like he does. His designs are timeless, and I love the way he incorporates ethnic items in the design. Always a touch of the humble….

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