Retro Friday

Posted on Fri, 15 Feb 2008 by midcenturyjo

TGIF! Time to end the week the way we started it with more “inspiration” from the 70s. Once again our source is Family Circle Home Decorating Guide. Hundreds of Great Ideas to Beautify Your Home, New York Times Company, 1973. Once again a cacophony of colour and a punch up of pattern. Love them or loathe them one thing is sure. You will always find something retrolicious on Desire to Inspire.

kim. says:

Wow – these ones seem more terrible than normal. LOL. Like the pink ruffled bedding in a lime green room. EEEKKKK. I do like the art over the fireplace in the photo 5 from the bottom, and the dining chairs in the following photo.

flow says:

wow – what a retro throwback!

melissa says:

oh man, i had to pull astro-turfing off of my porch when i bought my house (1st thing i did!). I wonder if it had been there since the 70’s?…

jo-anne in vancouver says:

Whoa! The colours this time around seem much more, ummm, awful really :o)

But I would pay through the nose for that purple floral couch!

AMR says:

Children’s room, second photo.
Take it from a kid who has been there (me), shag carpeting is flippin’ tough to tricycle on. 🙂

Alkemie says:

These are great selections! I love vintage design books and have a small collection myself 🙂 I really like the purple room!

zz says:

ASTROTURF!!!*#*%%@# You’re kidding me. Hope that is not making a comeback. Love tese retro posts.

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