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Posted on Sun, 17 Feb 2008 by KiM

I have known Jocelyn (via the internet) for about a year now, having met on Flickr. She lives here in Ottawa, and also has an interior design blog, decorate it darling. She recently posted photos of her new loft apartment on Flickr and blogged about it, and I recognized her apartment as being in an incredible historic building called the Wallis House. It started as a hospital in the 1800’s, then a Catholic seminary, then was taken over by the military, then almost demolished until a developper bought it in 1994 for $320,000 with a promise to restore it. It became home to 47 lofts. When the Wallis House lofts went up for sale in October 1995, they were all sold in fewer than twenty-four hours. Jocelyn is fortunate to know someone who owns one of the lofts, and while the owner is in Haiti, she is renting it. She is one lucky girl let me tell you. The amazing thing is each loft is unique. They have different layouts, and each original owner chose the finishes. So here’s a peek into Jocelyn’s new loft in the coolest building in Ottawa.

Jocelyn was kind enough to invite me over to check out her amazing space, and to see her artwork that caught my eye when I saw her photos. They are her own creations, and she is VERY talented. I bought one from her, and I am ecstatic about it. It is GORGEOUS, and I was stunned to learn she doesn’t really sell her art unless someone happens to ask about them when visiting her. Jocelyn, I have one word for you – ETSY. You’ll recognize my new Jawcey original from her hallway photo. (I’m not sure where it will end up – in the photo below it’s propped up on my thermostat). Thanks so much Jocelyn, and it was so much fun to finally meet a fellow blogger!

Hello, what a happy and sweet blogg you have!! Happy Valentine to you to!!Velcome to me..have some home baked cupcakes left!!

Hugs Millan, Sweden

jawcey says:

Yay! Thanks Kim! It was awesome to finally meet you in person and thanks SO MUCH for profiling my home and my art on your uber-fabulous blog!!!

Anonymous says:

I think a Jawcey original is just what my place needs! Yours looks fabulous Kim and Jocelyn – the apartment is gorgeous!

Julia (Kim’s twin)

Kent says:

What a cool space. And to think the developer bought that whole place for $320,000!!!

Sigh, if only I was into real estate when I was 18. I would have taken out student loans to flip houses, instead of going to art school.

I lived in Ottawa last year, but my apartment wasn’t nearly as chic. Nice space! I miss the market and all the great little shops, like PaperPapier. There was this one kitchen place in the market that I loved, can’t remember the name but they wrapped your purchase up in cardboard boxes.

Brigitte says:

I love your blog!

Jawcey I’m so jealous! An amazing loft in an amazing building. Love it.

Jany says:

So cute, the two cats sitting in front of the open door !!
And what a lovely, airy loft , really beautiful.

book says:

This post is so happy, and Jocelyn’s art is gorgeous. What an amazing building!

jaime says:

how beautiful!

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