A series of beauty

Posted on Mon, 18 Feb 2008 by KiM

I was rendered speechless when I found this series of photographs on the website of German stylist Irina Graewe. Absolutely beautiful.

kim. says:

THAT’s what I should have titled this post.

“Dusty is the new beautiful”. LOVE IT.

Jessica says:

I think these images are beautiful…but to me they convey a sense of death

Cher Ami says:

haunting and gorgeous

tricia says:

these are very lonely but so beautiful. so many people hang empty frames, which I think looks awesome, but because of the lighting and colors, those empty frames look more sinister. like someone removed their contents because they were too painful to look at. thanks for finding these.

Amelia says:

You are so right, Absolutelt beautiful! Dont forget so check out my swedish home at A Beautiful Living…
All the best,

Lynne says:

so gorgeous. otherworldly is right.

i love their haunting quality!
like a home that has been in the family for generations, or dusted off every summer!

Emilia says:

I love everything she does! Each interior is so different! I adore “We love England” as well.

These images are gorgeous!!

Anonymous says:

So dim and dreary. . . I would be rendered cheerless in this room.

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