Alessandro Pasinelli

Posted on Wed, 20 Feb 2008 by KiM

Alessandro Pasinelli is a stylist from Milan with a fantastic edgy style. He appears to love using warehouse-type spaces for his backdrops which makes the furnishings in the photos come to life.

These photos have such a dark mystery about them. Very intriguing.

erika says:

you have won an award on my blog 🙂
thanks for making my day daily!

Claire says:

beautiful pictures… very striking.

girls, I loooove the blog to death and come here every day, but lately I’ve noticed that the page takes significantly longer to load and that I can hardly scroll down because the computer’s response is so slow. I don’t have this problem when I go on other sites, so I’ve been trying to figure out the problem, and two of my friends who are also fans of the site have had the same issue. I think it might be the fact that there’s simply too much material on this one super long page. I dunno how you guys divide your archives, although I’m sure there’s a plan behind it – but I was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to cut the main page in half in terms of content. I don’t mean to complain and maybe it is really just my computer or internet connection, but seeing as my friends said they felt the same thing, I figured I’d speak up just in case I’m not alone. I think it would greatly enhance my viewing pleasure if I didn’t have to wait 20 minutes for the page to load and for the scrolling arrow to respond to my innumerable clicks.

Sorry for the super long post, I’ve been wanting to post this for a week now but I sort of feared I would come across as whiny or complaining. It’s just a suggestion, to see if maybe having the amount of images displayed on the main page is the reason behind the slowness.

Thank you if you’ve actually read the whole message, Kim and/or Jo, it’s probably the longest one that’s ever been posted on your blog 😛

His work is definitely edgy and I love it because of that. Dark brooding and yes with hints of something dangerous. Maybe not 🙂 but definitely great styling!

Hey Claire! Yes you definitely win the award for longest post:) Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’m not having problems loading from this computer or the one and only one that has access from work but that doesn’t mean we won’t look into it. Might have to leave the tech speech and tech action to Kim though because I just follow her templates and push the publish button. Thanks again for raising it.

Peggy says:

Never would have thought I’d like an all black room, but I do. I love that third photo on the left. Also, love the silver lamp and the tall white lamp on the bottom left.

Jennifer says:

Fabulous shots!

kim. says:

Just a little note: If anyone has anything they’d like to comment on that doesn’t relate to a particular post, we’d love an email instead of a comment, so as not to distract from the post. Claire, we’d be happy to give shortening the number of posts we display a consideration. That’s about all that might help on this end. It’s sort of par for the course when you have a blog that is all about photos.

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