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Posted on Mon, 25 Feb 2008 by KiM

Susan, kitchen designer extraordinaire and fellow blogger wrote to us about an incredible line of cabinetry from Denmark she will be introducing to the U.S. It is by Hansen Living, designed by Danish architect Knud Kapper. She is currently in Copenhagen attending an event for the firm and thought our readers would like a peek. This is cabinetry worthy of a dream kitchen and I am totally smitten with it. I’ve always loved cabinetry that appear as separate pieces of furniture and this is a perfect example. Not only is it gorgeous but it’s eco-friendly, and is available in plantation-teak, walnut, ash and oak. What a difficult choice that would be, as they are all stunning. Susan, we wish you lots of success with this new product, but I don’t think you need it. These photos speak for themselves.

OMG I’m smitten. And I wouldn’t have thought I would. This really showcases the wood in a way most kitchen designs don’t. Love it!

Kate says:

Two worrds…


I am linking my architect right now!

decor8 says:

She wrote to you to? Sorry ladies, I didn’t know! I blogged almost the exact same post today!!

susan says:

Thanks for the mention. Sure, I did prepare and send a press release out to media of various types, mainstream, blogs, etc. It is a new introduction, and there are many great things about this product that are newsworthy. I’m extremely excited about it, and I’m glad it is something people are enjoying seeing. Thank you again.

decor8 says:

No worries ladies, just didn’t realize this was part of a press release and I know how hard you try to blog what isn’t all over the web already!

Gorgeous kitchens… I’ll take one of each, please!! 🙂

I Love these kitchens!! Especially the herringbone floors!!!

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