Posted on Tue, 26 Feb 2008 by midcenturyjo

This week’s retrolicious images are scanned from Australian Home Decorating by Babette Hayes, Paul Hamlyn Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1970. Babette was the darling of decorating magazines from the 60s in Australia and still is at the forefront of Australian design. Check out more about Babette here.

kellyr says:

Long live Knotty Pine! And whoot, those colors!

pompom says:

We had knotty pine in our house when I was growing up. Just wish we had some of theat fabric. Just too much!

When I was growing up we had fabric like that everywhere. I had 2 walls of brown, orange and yellow flower power curtains that I was so proud of. The funny thing was that we didn’t have knotty pine we had knotty pine wallpaper!

timqui says:

retro = futuro (moderno)

kim. says:

Oh my GAWD Jo, knotty pine wallpaper?!?! EEEKKK. And you know I’m loving that first photo. THAT CHAIR!! AND TABLE!!

I take it Babette Hayes was her maiden name, before she married Satan and took on all of his unholy attributes and floral wallpapers.

Picture 2: When it takes you a few seconds to notice that there’s a floral centerpiece on your table, guess what? THERE’S TOO MUCH PATTERN IN YOUR ROOM!

Picture 6: How did the child in this bedroom get from the bed to the door, with that floral obstacle course in the way? Perhaps she didn’t want to, knowing that the evil dolls would get her the second she pulled back the covers.

Picture 11: I thought this was a child’s playroom until I noticed the wine rack. Then again, if my playroom was built out of a windowless wooden shipping crate, I’d need booze too.

About the only thing I like here is the couch in picture 8. Sadly I won’t be able to acquire it, as it appears to be in a room in Hell, paying for what must be a lot of couchly sins.

Yes I admit we had knotty pine wallpaper. I’m sure the people who bought the house after my parents died couldn’t wait to rip it down. Blandwagon do you hate clowns too? If you do and like me think they are the spawn of the devil and are the only excuse for using weapons of mass destruction then I forgive you for bagging my retro rooms. I must have been freaked out by a clown as a child. Looking at those dolls in the child’s room has re-traumatised me all over again!

Mary says:

MCJ you are not alone. We had wallpaper in our den that was “faux bois” as well. I would peel the corners back if I could until I got caught. I love your retro posts and I like a lot of these. Perhaps I am reliving my fugitive wallpaper peeling days.

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