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Posted on Wed, 27 Feb 2008 by KiM

I have received several photos from readers the past couple of days that I want to share. I’ll start with Nina’s photos of her living and dining rooms. She wanted to share the gorgeous wall colour she chose for these spaces. “The colour is called Loyalist Green and it’s made by Homestead Paints. I used it on parts of the main floor in my house about 2 years ago and it went on really well and only took a coat or two to cover the wall (this was just before teal/turquoise became all the rage.) Also it’s milk based so didn’t stink to high heaven.” It is a great pale turquoise, and looks amazing with her decor. Thanks Nina!

Claudia of Adeeni Design Group enjoyed my teal post and sent some great photos of a dining space she designed for Elle Décor’s Dining by Design last November with iridescent teal ostrich walls and floor by Valtekz. So elegant and the teal is stunning! Thank you Claudia!

Jennifer Ramos sent the following photo of her adorable boxer Darla, who just so happened to be standing next to a poster that is available in her shop. 😉 Thanks Jen!

Well, while I’m posting random photos, here’s one of some fabric I won on eBay this afternoon. I think it will be perfect for curtains in my soon-to-be-teal room.

Darla says thanks! …..you guys are great!
LOVE that teal fabric too! Snap pics of your curtains when done…would love to see it! : )

Stunning…leopard print grrrrrr!
Stunning…Ostrich egg chandelier outrageous!
Darla just too cute and Jennifer’s work is amazing!
YAY! You won the fabric!

lovee that teal fabric! Sometimes ebay can be so satisfying.

M&Co says:

I really like the dining room from Adeeni Design Group!

sd says:

the colour on the blue room is gorgeous!

Bhavna says:

Kim, you are really the ebay queen! That fabric is fabulous! Eagerly waiting to take a look at your teal room 🙂

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