White…as long as it’s not snow

Posted on Wed, 27 Feb 2008 by KiM

I am sick of winter, snow, cold, slush, ice etc. etc. I like colour because it warms up a space. If I had alot of white in my home, I imagine it would feel very cold in the winter, adding to the cold outside. But these photos from Sköna hem are beautiful in all their Scandinavian whiteness.

loooove that kitchen!

so serene!

I believe the phrase you are looking for is “hospital chic” I can hear those nurse shoes squeaking just looking at these rooms!

kim. says:

OUCH! That’s a tad harsh.

Stop it! Stop it! I have soft porno images of Scandinavian nurses prowling through people’s homes. It’s been a long day at work. Forgive me 🙂

kim. says:

Good GAWD Jo, what in the hell do you do at work? LOL!!

M&Co says:

Its something with the Scandinavian light that makes white soo beautiful up here! I’m not sure why but think of the colors in the Gustavian period, light and airy, even back then. It seems like interiors in warmer climates are much more colorful. During wintertime I keep my house quite monochrom, mostly white 😉 but during the summer months I like to add colors 🙂

Peggy says:

Man. Everytime I add color to my home, someting shows up to tempt me to return to all white. I adore it. Beautiful post.

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