How to find a peacock chair in 4 steps

Posted on Sat, 1 Mar 2008 by midcenturyjo

Image via Lost-In-Tyme

I’m obsessed with peacock chairs at the moment. Not the Hans Wegner midcentury classic but the retro cool cane thrones made famous by the likes of Morticia Addams (and Al Green it seems).

First I found a doll’s chair in my thrifting adventures then a pair of children’s chairs. This week my elusive chair came one step closer. I found a peahen chair.

The smaller less ostentatious “female” to the strutting peacock chair is the next stage in my thrift shop journey. I feel the elusive peacock is just one step away. Of course I could just track down a new one but that would be too easy. I want it vintage. I want it in a thrift store and I want it cheap. Can’t be that hard (???). The peahen will be fixed, painted and a new cushion made to patiently await her mate.

My rattan chairs from last week are sporting new satin varnish and I’ve started work on the cushions. Ralph Lauren won. Hopefully photos soon. I’m off to hose my garden. It’s a momentous afternoon. We have had enough rain in the past few weeks for a momentary relaxing of the level 6 water restrictions we have had all summer. We are allowed to hose our gardens for 1 hour! I bet I feel guilty as I hold the hose and daydream instead of taking over an hour to bucket water my small courtyard.

Lee says:

Hi, I came across your blog some time ago. I love everything about it – your thoughts and ideas are so inspiring I left a link to it on my blog! I’m now annoyed I got rid of my peacock chair when we shifted!

Pia I love the wicker throne of the of so cool 60s/70s. Al Green was hot in that respect. Lee thanks for the link and I love your blogger profile. Might have to borrow most of it 😛

kim. says:

I feel the need to remind you how much I HATE you for finding that chair (and for SO CHEAP). 😛 I doubt I will ever find one here given how tough it is to find fun retro stuff in this city. I can’t wait to see it all done up and in your place.

lindiloop says:

You guys inspire me everytime I come here. The designer rooms are so beautiful but you also keep it real with posts like these. Thank you 🙂

drey says:

wow the peahen chair is so lovely 🙂 in such good condition too!

yay for lifting of water restrictions, even if only for an hour! hope it continues in your area of Australia jo!

The peacock chair is featured in this month’s Oprah At Home magazine (March 2008). They cite’s version for less than $200. However, when I checked the site, it seems they may be sold out. Let us know if you find where to buy one!

not sure if you have seen the movie running with scissors… but they have a beautiful example for exactly what you are talking about.
i took a couple pictures of the tv screen while watching becuase i liked the interior so much.. not a perfect photo.. but… may entice you to watch the movie..

Anonymous says:

I know where to find 2 peacock chairs! I have them and would like to sell them. How much are they worth ?

KP says:

I am really not looking to purchase the chair. A friend of mine is giving her husband a 70’s surprise birthday party and we thought it would be nice to have pictures taken in the chair. Do you know where I could rent one in Charlotte, NC?

Anonymous says:

I am fortunate to have a massive one, vintage ’70’s with the black weave for accent on the arms and edge of back. I treasure it and will never, ever part with it. So many of these were left outside to the elements and were thus ruined.

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