Flickr finds – teak

Posted on Sun, 2 Mar 2008 by KiM

I was just searching through ebay for teak last night. If you're in Brisbane take a look at this one. No room at my house more's the pity!.

Sam says:

Love the teak animals! Oh and looove kittylittered’s chairs and table. I want those.

melissa says:

wow flashback. my parents have the chairs in photo 6 (we will not discuss the table they’ve paired with them, bleah) & the wall unit in the 2nd to last photo. total weird!

zee says:

I love this round-up! And what a lovely surprise to see a shot from my own home on Desire to Inspire! I’m proud as punch, thank you Kim 🙂

nosheen says:

i love that lil elephant…i want one!

you have an awesome collection here!! Makes me want MORE teak! Thank you for posting my picture in your blog! I feel honoured!

its amazing how sedectuve teak is.. i have found a similar monkey on ebay a few times as well.. teak seems to be something that just keeps growing on you and you want more and more of it.. lucky for all of us there are always people getting rid of it and dumping peices at the local thrift.. beautiful finds!

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