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Posted on Fri, 7 Mar 2008 by KiM

I’m a bit late posting this. As soon as I got home from work I jumped in the car and took off to the nearest Benjamin Moore store to get some teal paint for my dressing room. We’re due for 50 cm of snow this weekend so I figured if I’m stuck indoors, I could at least make myself useful and paint something. (The colour I wanted, BM’s Bella Blue, doesn’t exist in Canada apparently. I went with Blue Spa instead). And after all that, it turns out I had no post ready to publish, so I found some photos my sister had stashed from a site of a group of photographers. Enjoy!

LOL Kim. You’re always at the hardware store buying paint. Temps Machine is a great photographer’s collective. Love their work.

Peggy says:

I am in love with that white bed with the orange bedding. We are being pelted by snow here today, so I think I will rearrange my apartment. Can’t wait to see your teal room!

Hi Kim, I can tell you the first picture is from emery et cie
you can find some examples at

They are selling paints and accessories in Belgium (their home country), France and New York.

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