How to find a peacock chair in 4 steps – Part 2

Posted on Fri, 14 Mar 2008 by KiM

A couple weeks ago Jo posted her fabulous peahen chair she found at her favourite thrift shop. She mentionned that she was on the hunt for a peacock chair. And since seeing the peacock chair in Wary Meyers pad (who are my idols btw), I’ve been dreaming of having one of my own. So here are my 4 steps to finding a peacock chair.

1 – check craigslist on a daily basis and pray that one day a peacock chair will magically appear.
2 – almost drop dead from shock when an ad for “wicker chair – $20” appears on craigslist and IT TURNS OUT IT’S A PEACOCK CHAIR.
3 – scramble to organize borrowing your parents SUV and contact the seller to arrange a pickup (and seller tells you someone has already been in contact about it and would pick it up Sunday but if you can get there before that, it’s yours). Tell him no problem, and you’ll give him $30 for it too!
4 – Pick up chair (get extra bonus of meeting seller’s albino Great Dane) and thank your father 6 times for driving you across town in traffic to get it.

I know Erin that there are some people who just won't get our obsession with peacock chairs. Actually most people won't get it but there is a little bit of bad taste in all of us and this is our particular vice. Yes we are peacock chair junkies. Some people love Hello Kitty, others obsess over KWID fabric. We hanker for a chair that is associated with shag carpet, bead curtains and a waft of a certain herb. I know for me it's a flashback to my early childhood (sorry no weed in my family home I swear!). For Kim who is much younger it's a love of the work of Wary Meyers. I guess the good thing is that if enough people hate these then there will be more out there for us 🙂

Peggy says:

Man, you and Jo crack me up with these whicker (did I spell that right). I had every single one of the chairs that you posted so far. ‘Course they were in horrible shape from all the dorm abuse. And I gave everyone of them away – I never really imagined that people actually like them. I think you two are going to start a retro revolution.

Guess, I’ll be the unhip one because I don’t really like them.

Peggy says:

P.S. – I just read Jo’s comment. Fasinating. I guess my bad taste is the toy fascination I have.

kim. says:

I simply love just about anything vintage, that you can’t find at typical decor stores. And this chair or something similar isn’t going to be found at IKEA, West Elm, or even Urban Outfitters. And frankly, it’s all Jo’s fault.

drey says:

wow it’s… um large. i love cane chairs myself… but this looks really… bulky 😛

but i’m so glad for you though!

pia says:

congrats kim! which room is it going in, the new teal room i am hoping. yes, your and jo’s obsession with wicker does crack me up too, but i know you girls are onto something so keep it up, i love seeing how you transform these old pieces into your own works of art!

Peggy says:

Kim, I am feeling bad about dissing your chair. I guess I feel pouty because I could’ve made some money! You cannot believe all the wicker chairs that were hand me downs in my first apartment! Maybe that’s why I hate them, because I associate them with a time when I was broke.

At any rate, I am really enjoying watching the decorating story of your home!

eric says:

dude, we must be psychically connected because i have been trying to find one of these for the last month, too. congrats.

kim. says:

eric, we must be. And I almost went and picked up a second one today that I also found online., but it’s too much of a pain in the ass to go get it. It had a matching table too. 🙁

Craigslist is the best! I find that with enough patience you can find just about anything on CL. Nearly all my furniture is from there. 🙂

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