An ode to the anti-spring

Posted on Wed, 19 Mar 2008 by midcenturyjo

I read a very interesting post today by lobstermobster on Reclaiming Miss Havisham: The Aesthetic of Satis House in Modern San Francisco (known from now on as Reclaiming Miss Havisham). It was all about the anti-spring. Are you one of those readers who hates spring and its pastels, Easter and its sickeningly sweet bunny icons and the whole sneeze inducing ode to nature? Join lobstermonster as she develops a visual ode to the decayed, the surreal and the slightly insane in interior design. Here is my contribution to the anti-spring movement, 2 moody “burnt out” rooms in large Victorian house in London. There is something lovely in the decay and destruction. Sometimes the ugly is truly beautiful.

Images from Light Locations

kim. says:

Love it – very artsy-fartsy. ­čÖé I bet they make horror movies there.

Peggy says:

Very interesting post, Jo. Sometimes decay is very beautiful to me. I love to photograph decaying cement bridges, they look like paintings to me.

Oh wow!! I worship this blog, I’m so excited to be included. I love the pictures you dug up. On the insanity design scale they are about halfway between Grey Gardens and Satis House. Thanks again, You’re the best!

I love an edge of decay. It reminds of New Orleans where they don’t patch over water damage on the walls and it all feels a bit frayed. Less precious.
Lisa & Alfie

pia says:

love these rooms jo! i am always on the look out for spaces like this to shoot. and yes, often it is in the ‘ugly’ where you can find so much beauty. great post.

I happen to like Spring (although I am not a fan of pastels) because it means the end of what is always a long, nasty winter where I live. However, the photos you have shown here showcase a different type of beauty – that of simplicity and texture and the whispers of many days gone by.

Anonymous says:

Actually it’s “lobstermobster”. But I like lobstermonster better.

My freudian! I’m off to change it. Thanks anon.

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