You have been warned

Posted on Wed, 19 Mar 2008 by midcenturyjo

Warning the following post is devoid of taste and should be taken in the light hearted manner in which it is offered.

We’ve had some wonderful posts this week. Kim’s white houses were just amazing. I thought I would counter all the good taste with these shock offerings from Decorating with Crochet, Anne Halliday, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1975. Yes it’s true I spent my valuable time scanning and editing these dreadful projects from this retro treasury of bad DIY. If you continue now and take some time to soak the details you have been warned!! (If anyone wants the instructions to make one of these, perhaps the crocheted director’s chair or the grandfather clock wall hanging let me know. Actually some of these aren’t that bad. Maybe I’ll get my crochet hook out…. just kidding.)

Balsamfir says:

My first response was Oh MY. But then …A lot of these things would be great if not combined with the other things in the room. But they also have a lot of personality and energy, something I think future generations are going to make fun of us for lacking in our white beige minimalism.

andi says:

Actually, I like the crochet rug and the bullseye cushion, just maybe in a differnt context!

Good post and GREAT blog!

Stephanie says:

The director’s chairs are very Missoni and I wouldn’t mind having one! In nicer colors, of course.

Wow. That is just TOO MUCH fun. Love it!

Hideous interiors rendered additionally hideous by crochet. It’s like some Perfect Storm of bad taste.

The grandfather clock crochet is awful enough by itself, but the inclusion of the tacky houseplants and the “adorable” china kittens make me want to push the owner down those stairs.

50s Pam says:

oooooh. I love the crocheted granny square bedspread, the star pillow including the tassles, and yes – the grandfather clock. Taking design too seriously is like taking yourself too seriously – a royal bore. Thanks for this great post, which shows how different generations express their LOVE of home, friends and family, and feathering their nest.

Amanda in the Dam says:

OK, I also like the rug in the first photo, but the grandfather clock just made me gag!
Great post!!!

I guess there’s always a place for a little granny chic! Lana

corine says:

Don’t apologize. A little ugly goes a long way towards improving an all too perfect interior. I like ugly.

Lisa says:

Does anyone else notice how much this looks like Jonathan Adler?

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