Easter reading guide part 1

Posted on Fri, 21 Mar 2008 by midcenturyjo

4 days! 4 days without your favourite blogs! What are you going to do? There is always the satisfaction gained from stuffing your face with easter eggs but Desire to Inspire is here to save you from the calorie overload. Yes it’s part one of our holiday reading guide. Over the long weekend we’ll post not one but 4 reading guides. Close to 80 blogs to gorge on. It’s the usual story. Some I’ve been reading for a while, others I’ve just found. Some are bigger than others (let’s call it a celebration of the little guys and the not so little guys who are well on their way). Some aren’t in English and some aren’t completely about interior design or decoration. All have lots of archives to plunder. Good luck and if you overdose on blogs I hear that chocolate bunnies are a proven antidote.

If all 4 of these guides aren’t enough to satiate your blog addiction this long weekend then check out our earlier guides here.

Oh thank GOD. I was seriously panicked about the blog hiatus. Thanks for doing the legwork for me!

Hey Janick they started out as alphabetical by URL but then I started fiddling with sizes of banner and got sick of that. Then it was 3 guides that became 4 so more cut and paste. Then I forgot a couple that were in another folder and put those in haphazardly and then I took some out that hadn’t updated in months and to cut a long story short I think you’ll find yourself in there somewhere and not because of your blatant hint 😛

haha!! Jo you’re halarious!!
I just saw a flood of views coming in from here today, I saw myself into the part 2! Thanks so much dear!!! 😛

kay* says:

wow! my jaw dropped when i saw my humble little blog included…i truly was not expecting that! thank you, thank you 🙂

Holly says:

Thank-you for the unexpected mention!

Happy Easter

Shawna says:

Hello! Just wanted to say a big thank you for including my blog in your reading list. I noticed a couple of days ago that my number of visitors had tripled thanks to your link. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep a few of those readers hooked now 🙂 Thanks again!


JL says:

I was such a wonderful surprise to see my blog mentioned on one of my favorite blogs!! Thanks so much for including me!

Soéla says:

I’m glad to discover your blog!

Thank You
It is an honour to be shown on his blog. I love your blog.
Ana Claudia

I love when you do these!

Just had time to go through it all today. The favourites list is getting longer….

Hope you two had a great Easter!

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