My Easter weekend painting projects

Posted on Mon, 24 Mar 2008 by KiM

Like Jo, I thought this weekend was perfect for getting some painting projects done around the house. I just finished mine a couple of hours ago. I painted 2 bamboo/cane chairs I bought last month at an antiques store. I still need to have the cushion on the white chair professionally upholstered because I want piping detail, and the other I am hoping my mom will make a cover for me. I should have probably waited until spring to do this when I could have sprayed them outside instead of in my basement (no ventilation), but I have no patience. And as a result, my house absolutely STINKS, I am totally nauseous and the cats are all high. The prices you have to pay for interior design…





S.HOPtalk says:

I’m in love with both of your projects. They are both so inspiring and have me reaching for the paint cans myself. I have so many furniture to-dos piled up.

Loving the pop of yellow!

Good to know, i was estimating about $60…. YOU will not believe this i was in an antique shop today and i was looking for a side chair for my booth at the STATIONERY SHOW and i found one just like the top white bamboo you got! Great price so i bought it. OF COURSE the upholstery was s**t! It had like zoo animals and very jungle looking…so i will be looking around for an upholsterer tomorrow morning! Think i will paint it white to match the side table in my booth. Great, thanks for the INSPIRATION…i too get anxious and cant wait, just like you! PAINTING it tomorrow! lol


wow kim, you are really good at this. Love your color combos too.

kim. says:

That’s too funny Jen. Do share some photos when you’re done with your new chair. And thanks imegagoze!

Anonymous says:

Would you mind sharing your fabric resources? I have two chairs and an ottoman to reupholster and just can’t seem to find fabric that suits them.

kim. says:


Gerelee says:

Can you share what type of paint you used? You mentioned spray paint. Any more details? I have two dark brown bamboo/wicker/wood chairs (purchased from Pier 1 in the States years ago) very similar to yours and would love to paint them a more exciting color.

kim. says:

I used a primer (Behr) on them first then used Painter’s Touch spray paint from Home Depot. I then sprayed them with lacquer – I bought 2 different kinds, one just a gloss, and one that said it was like 3 coats of gloss. You MUST lacquer them to keep the paint from flaking.

arundati says:

this is awesome…i have a couple of ancient wicker chairs that could so do with a few coats of paint for a kick…!!

Tim says:

Good Job! 🙂

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